Photo Friday: Mormon Rocks (California)

Photography, Southern California

Cajon Pass is a mountain pass between the San Bernardino Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California. It was created by the movements of the San Andreas Fault. The Mojave Desert pass is an important link from the Greater San Bernardino Area to the Victor Valley, and northeast to Las Vegas. In 1851, a group of Mormon settlers led by Amasa M. Lyman and Charles C. Rich traveled through the Cajon Pass in covered wagons on their way from Salt Lake City to Southern California. A prominent rock formation in the pass, where the Mormon trail and the railway merge, is known as Mormon Rocks.

There is no one trail that encompasses the area. The photos below were taken at three separate locations. There is an easy to follow mile-long trail beginning at the Mormon Rocks fire station located on Highway 138 just west of Interstate 15.

Photos taken April 3, 2011.

One thought on “Photo Friday: Mormon Rocks (California)

  1. Awesome photos! The history of the Mojave Desert Pass reminds me of “A Study in Pink” by Arthur Conan Doyle [the first of the Sherlocks] and the photos helped put a physical presence to that. 🙂

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