October Read: Stories and Texts for Nothing

This week’s read: Stories and Texts for Nothing by Samuel Beckett. This one is a re-read as Beckett is one of my favorite writers (and my favorite playwright). I was inspired to re-read after seeing Bill Irwin’s “On Beckett” last week, where he recounts his experience performing “Texts for Nothing” off-Broadway in 2000, having previously appeared in Waiting for Godot in 1988. A representative quote for the Texts: “How long have I been here, what a question, I’ve often wondered. And often I could answer, An hour, a month, a year, a century, depending on what I meant by here, and me, and being, and there I never went looking for extravagant meanings, there I never much varied, only the here would sometimes seem to vary.” Read more about or purchase at Amazon.

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