December Read: Our Women on the Ground

This week’s read: Our Women on the Ground: Essays by Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World, edited by Zahra Hankir. Here is a passage from Amira Al-Sharif’s essay “Yemeni Women with Fighting Spirits”: “I want to show the side of war that very few people see: the laundry hung up on tree branches to dry; the children playing at the beach; the women preparing food for their families; the little sisters who look after one another when their mother is busy and their father is away fighting. I also want to show what life is like in remote villages and islands that are safe from the bibs but not from poverty. There is a special kind of resilience and beauty in those tucked-away spots of life. I want you all to see the true beauty of my suffering country. With my camera, I strive to empower, not victimize, the people in my images.” Read more about or purchase at Amazon.

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