Introducing Travel Tales

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So I’m in the midst of converting my old travel site ( to Travel Tales on this site, which is going to take some time. Of course, new Travel Tales will also be added. Here’s my progress so far:

If you notice any inaccurate information or typos, or discover any links that aren’t working, please let me know.


Photo Friday: Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

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Vaduz is the capitol of Liechtenstein, the only country in the world named after the people who bought it. It is also known for being the world’s largest exporter of dentures and offering a well-inked passport stamp for a modest fee. At only 62 square miles, it is also the sixth smallest country in the world, sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. The city itself is unremarkable at first glance, though some interesting sights can be found upon closer inspection.

Photos taken June 2013.