Weekly Writing Challenge: Object


Here’s another one from the archives, this time from my second poetry collection, Pagan Blues (2007):


I have placed it on the alter
for the devout to devour.

I have buried it in sand
forsaking it to the sun.

I have left it near the edge
letting gravity run its course.

I have split it in two
exposing it for the gods.

I have set it on the pyre
transforming it to ash.

I have ground it to dust
scattering it at sea.

I have hung it from a cross
skewering its side.

I have named it
and left it unnamed.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence


Was reminded of this poem, which was written as part of a series of poems that ended up in my first poetry collection, In a Strange Land (2003). It didn’t make the cut and has remained unpublished, though still seems timely given recent events.



A favorite teacher once lost me here,
holding steadfast to his belief in the Creation,
casting off opposing views with a zealot’s indignation.
I tried to introduce a third option for those of us
between primates and miracles, but was silenced.

Then you with your grey eyes closed as I read to you,
hours of exchanges between us, a lifetime of discovery
that could have been, but again this issue.
“How can it even be considered a science?”
you once asked. I was struck silent.


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