Vietnam — Hoi An (Rural)

A bicycle tour of rural Hoi An is a must. I notice that my bike is a little off balance but figure we’re starting on main roads with light traffic, so I’m not too concerned. After a few stops for photos, we head off road where the trail soon becomes narrow and bumpy. One bump immediately lowers my seat to a point where I can no longer ride. I pull off to the side and with some help get the seat raised, though a little too high. I continue on anyway but the trail, now between rice fields, gets windy along with bumpy and I soon lose my balance and end up face first in a rice field. Two locals are nearby and quickly start bathing me in the still water to remove the mud, which is pretty much head to toe. At least it was a graceful slide into the mud.

After a break for lunch (and time to dry off), we take a boat back to town, where we catch some fishermen fishing. They approach our boat and ask for tips after their display, so I’m sure it wasn’t such a coincidence to run into them. Once back to the hotel, it’s a thorough shower and hand washing of my clothes, which leaves the soapy water a distinct brownish green before rinsing.

Photos taken March 2014 (Nikon D7000).

Back to Vietnam.

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