Vietnam — Halong Bay

It’s a four-hour bus ride to catch a boat to our overnight boat in Halong Bay. It’s been grey and hazy since arriving in Vietnam, which gives Halong Bay an additional otherworldly feel. After lunch on board our overnight boat, we catch another boat for a tour around the area. For such a serene location, there sure are a lot of other boats all doing the same as us. Later in the day, we head to one of the islands where a 400-step climb provides some good views of the bay and its many ships. It’s the same way up as down, which causes a few log jams coming and going.

In the morning we head to nearby Dau Go Cave, whose three large chambers contain numerous stalactites and stalagmites (as well as some 19th century French graffiti). We’re off early to beat the crowds but they seem to have gotten up just as early. As I don’t travel with a tripod, I always find photographing caves a challenge, but I do the best I can.

Photos taken March 2014 (Nikon D7000).

Back to Vietnam.

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