Belgium — Brussels

After navigating our way through the Brussels undergound system, we settle into our hotel before heading to the central square, Grand Place. This is one of those locations that is frustratingly beautiful as it is nearly impossible to capture on film. This doesn’t mean that I won’t try over the next three days. We have a map and my wife’s memory of her time here before to guide us. As we wander about, I take various photos and seem to have a particular interest in architectural details, which Brussels has in abundance.

Brussels has an odd landmark: A bronze fountain statue of a young boy peeing known as “Manneken Pis,” installed around 1618. My wife has been on and on about this statue since our arrival, so much so that I begin to contemplate an intervention upon our return. But it seems that the whole city is obsessed. Likenesses of the statue are everywhere: on postcards, as magnets, even in assorted chocolates. When we finally do come across it, I’m all for skipping the photography but my wife won’t let that happen, so I snap a photo and we’re on our way.

Photos taken July 2010 (Fuji FinePix S9000).

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