Panama — El Valle

The town of El Valle is situated in the crater of an extinct volcano and ringed by verdant forests and jagged peaks. All accounts describe it as picturesque, though I think I may be missing something. We begin our visit with a walk around El Nispero zoo. It is a modest location filled with potential. I divide my time here photographing the surroundings and the animals, which range from parrots and swans to alligators and monkeys, most behind various forms of chicken wire.

Next we head into town, home to one of Panama’s largest handicrafts markets. Today is a celebration of the town’s saint, so there are many people packed into it’s small church and some extra wears to be found. As we will be having a late lunch today, I look for something to eat while exploring and discover mystery meat on a stick—Anthony Bourdain would be proud.

Photos taken March 2010 (Fuji FinePix S9000).

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