Blank Wall Gallery Travel Exhibition (Athens, Greece)

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One of my Halong Bay photos will be exhibited in Athens, Greece from Sept. 22 through Oct. 5 at the Blank Wall Gallery’s Travel exhibition. More info can be found here:

You can now purchase select prints of mine online:

Travel – Blank Wall Gallery Exhibition (Athens, Greece)

Asia, International Travel, Photography, Travel

Just learned that my photo below taken in Halong Bay is going to be included in the “Travel” exhibition at the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece, which runs September 22 through October 5, 2017.

halong bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam (2014)

You can now purchase select prints of mine online:

Four Ounce Cups



I have long been a fan of the French press. I was introduced to it in grad school where one of my office mates had one on her desk and I was taken by its simplicity (and good brewing). After years of using a French press myself, I only recently came across an oddity about them. I was frequenting a coffee shop in Athens this summer while my wife was away at a conference and happened to notice what I thought was a single cup French press. I thought this would be great for making my morning cup of coffee. My wife doesn’t drink coffee and I’d still have my larger press if I had guests over. Not wanting to worry about how to get the press home, I noted down its information and started searching for it online after our return from our summer travels. Thing is, it’s listed as a 4 cup press.

This led me to do a little research and discover that “cups” in coffee presses are 4 ounces, so that this smaller 17 oz coffee press is intended to make 4 cups. In fact, the large press I’ve been using to make 2 cups of coffee is marketed as an 8 cup press. I’m not brewing espresso here, I’m brewing coffee that I will add just a little creamer to, so why a 4 ounce cup? A little more digging found a site stating that “Many presses measure cups in 4 oz (about 125 ml), also called a Tasse.”** Tasse!?! More searching comes up with two definitions of “tasse”:

Clearly neither of these is referring to coffee. Then, as is often the case, it’s Wikipedia to the rescue: “A tasse à café, French for coffee cup, is a cup, generally of white porcelain and of around 120 ml (4 fl oz), in which coffee is served.” And here I thought the “French” in French press was just a misnomer to get us Americans to buy something we thought was cultured. I do have to wonder, however, how many times a “4 cup” French press has been ordered and returned by a baffled consumer. C’est la guerre.