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Photo Friday: Catedral de Santiago (Guatemala)

International Travel, Photography

Antigua Guatemala is one of my favorite cities. It is a wonderful blend of colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and assorted ruins left after centuries of earthquakes and other natural disasters. One of the city’s most striking ruins is Catedral de Santiago. The original church was built around 1541, but suffered through several earthquakes throughout its history, and the first church building was demolished in 1669. The cathedral was rebuilt and consecrated in 1680. By 1743 the cathedral was one of the largest in Central America. Unfortunately, the devastating Guatemala earthquake of 1773 seriously damaged much of the building and it has only been partially rebuilt.

The remains of the cathedral feature massive columns, tall arches, and underground crypts. If, like me, you’re into texture and light and shadow, these ruins provide for a photographic dream.

Photos taken December 26, 2012.