2015 Re-edits: Jabreen Castle, Oman

Asia, International Travel, Photography

I enjoy re-editing older photos. One, I hope I’ve gained some skills I didn’t possess when I originally edited the photos. Second, it gives me a chance to go back through the originals and see if I spot something I missed the first time around. In this case, I had edited this one before, though in color.

Jabreen Castle, Oman (2015)

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Jabreen Castle, Oman

Asia, International Travel, Photography, Travel

Jabreen Castle dates back to 1670. Its design and construction were supervised by Imam BilArab bin Sultan Al Y’aribi and was built to resemble the most beautiful palaces of the period. The castle served as both a palace for the Imam and his family and as a bastion during wartime. It was also a beacon of education and contained many study rooms.

(Nikon D7100, December 2015)