Photographer Spotlight: Ann Nevreva

It’s important for any photographer, amateur or professional, to keep an eye on their contemporaries. I tend to do this for both inspiration and aspiration, as there are many photographers out there that do what they do extremely well and this encourages me to raise my own bar. In my interview with Inspire Eye, I revealed a few of these photographers and thought I’d start a monthly feature highlighting some of the photographers that inspire me.

Portrait photographer Ann Nevreva is originally from Chisinau, Moldova, and now lives in Odessa, Ukraine. When in color, her portraits tend to have a golden hue, such as her striking Natalya. On the other hand, her black & white photos possess smooth and serene shades of gray, as seen in her photo Jeanne. When I was researching prime portrait lenses, it was Nevreva’s work that motivated to try Nikon’s 105mm f/2.8 G lens as I was inspired by the work she was doing with this lens. It remains my favorite portrait lens and she remains one of my favorite portrait photographers. Website: Instagram: @annnevreva

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