2015 Re-edits: Bukha Fort, Oman

Asia, International Travel, Photography

I enjoy re-editing older photos. One, I hope I’ve gained some skills I didn’t possess when I originally edited the photos. Second, it gives me a chance to go back through the originals and see if I spot something I missed the first time around. In this case, I had edited this one before, though in color.

Bukha Fort, Oman (2015)

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Bukha Fort, Musandam, Oman

Asia, International Travel, Photography, Travel

Bukha Fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and renovated in 1990. It originally stood right on the shore, but now the water has receded.  The fort is surrounded on three sides by a dry moat where, legend says, prisoners were once chained to drown in the rising tide. The fort also has a distinctive pear-shaped watchtower, whose walls were built to bulge outwards from the base before narrowing again at the top. In theory, this shape reduced the impact of cannon balls.

(Nikon D7100, December 2015)