Can’t Get Here from There:
Fifty Tales of Travel

My first collection of travel writing contains travel tales from over forty countries spread across five continents. From a birthday weekend spent in Paris with no money or passport to a camel-jacking in Cairo and being smuggled across a checkpoint in Bolivia, these tales offer exotic locations and out of the ordinary experiences. Some experiences go more smoothly than others.

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Shelter-in-Place Still Lifes:
A Selection

To mark a year since the beginning of California’s Stay-at-Home order (March 2020) and the start of my Shelter-in-Place Still Lifes project, I’ve put together a free eBook called Shelter-in-Place Still Lifes: A Selection. The book contains a selection of my favorite still lifes taken over the past year. All photos were taken of objects around the house using natural light and photographed using either the Nikon Z6 or Leica CL. A free copy can be downloaded here.

Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.
— Anthony Bourdain