Photographer Spotlight: Kristina Kazarina

Nikon is being criticized for its selection of professional photographers promoting their new D850 DSLR in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The problem? If you take a look at the photographers in the lineup, you’ll see 32 men and zero women. With this in mind, I thought I’d spend this week sharing links to some of my favorite female photographers.

First up, Kristina Kazarina, a professional photographer from Russia. I have been in love with Kristina’s work since first encountering her photo entitled Can u luv me again?, a black & white portrait of Vladislava Evtushenko, Miss Universe Russia 2015. While Kristina works in both color and black & white, it is her black & white portraits that speak the most to me, from their lighting to their composition. Some of her work is NSFW, but all are worth a look.


Instagram: @kazarina

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