Photographer Spotlight: Alan Schaller

It’s important for any photographer, amateur or professional, to keep an eye on their contemporaries. I tend to do this for both inspiration and aspiration, as there are many photographers out there that do what they do extremely well and this encourages me to raise my own bar. In my interview with Inspire Eye, I revealed a few of these photographers and thought I’d start a monthly feature highlighting some of the photographers that inspire me, beginning with those I named in that interview.

My favorite photographer right now is Alan Schaller. If he weren’t younger than me, I’d say he’s who I’d like to be when I grow up. From his website: “Alan Schaller is a London based photographer who specialises in black and white photography. His work is often abstract and incorporates elements of surrealism, geometry, high contrast and the realities and diversities of human life.” His use of light, shadow, and space is remarkable and there’s no wonder as to why he’s an ambassador for Leica Cameras. While I enjoy all of his work, I particularly am struck by his street photography, which can be found here:

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