Photographer Spotlight: Rinzi Ruiz

It’s important for any photographer, amateur or professional, to keep an eye on their contemporaries. I tend to do this for both inspiration and aspiration, as there are many photographers out there that do what they do extremely well and this encourages me to raise my own bar. In my interview with Inspire Eye, I revealed a few of these photographers and thought I’d start a monthly feature highlighting some of the photographers that inspire me, beginning with those I named in that interview.

Rinzi Ruiz is a Los Angeles based freelance photographer and Fujifilm X-Series brand ambassador. While he shoots a wide range of subjects, it’s his black and white street photography that first caught my eye. He originally studied graphic design and computer animation at the Art Institute of Los Angeles but after 12 years in the design industry found a passion for photography and made the switch. He is now known for his street photography and urban photography with his focus on light and shadow and the human condition. There is an attention to detail in his work that is not seen in a lot of street photography, along with striking composition. More of his work can be found on his website:

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