Ecuador Travels – Otavalo Market (1 of 3)

Ecuador’s Otavalo Market, locally known as Plaza de los Ponchos or Centenario Market, is one of the largest indigenous markets in Latin America, attracting both locals and tourists from all around the world. Located in the Andean highlands of Ecuador, the market is known for its vibrant colors, diverse handicrafts, and traditional clothing.

The market has a long history that dates to pre-Columbian times when the indigenous people of the region used to trade their products with neighboring communities. After the Spanish conquest, the market became an important center for exchanging goods, including textiles, agricultural products, and animals.

All photos taken with the Nikon Z6 and either the Nikkor 14-30mm f/4 or 24-70 f/4 lens. Processed using Photoshop CC and Nik Collection’s Color Efex Pro 5.

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