Colombia Highlights: La Candelaria, Bogotá

Along with being Colombia’s capital, Bogotá is also the largest city in Colombia, and one of the biggest in Latin America. It figures among the 30 largest cities of the world and it is the third-highest capital city in South America at 2,625 meters (8,612 ft) above sea level, after Quito (Equador) and La Paz (Bolivia). As such, it has a moderate climate with frequent clouds and periodic short-lasting rain.

La Candelaria is a district where many landmark events in the history of Colombian and South American independence occured, including the near killing and escape of Simon Bolivar, the execution of revolutionary heroine Policarpa Salavarrieta, known as “La Pola,” and the Grito de Libertad, known as the beginning of the region’s revolution.

Photos taken December 20-22, 2013.

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