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Apart from Angkor Wat, Cambodia lures one with its friendly people, laid-back lifestyle, and complex history.

Vast in scale and diversity, every region offers its own unique landscape, culture, and cuisine.

Love it or hate it, once one has been to India, they are ready for most anything that life can throw at them.

A Muslim archipelago comprised of 13,466 islands, ranging from solitary beach settings to dense jungles laced with Hindu and Buddhist relics.

A country where one feels foreign upon arrival, from the automated toilets to the vending machine culture and quirky fashion sense.

Former Soviet republic filled with natural beauty, where one can spend the night in a yurt and keep an eye open for balbals and marmots.

Land of a thousand temples, frequent power outages, and the densest concentration of World Heritage Sites.

Centuries of colonization by both the Spanish and America have left this island nation with a unique mix of Catholicism and U.S. pop culture.

Hot and humid year-round, this sovereign city-state is known for its order, crazy laws, and excellent food.

Known for its beaches and many temples, it’s also the only country in Southeast Asia to never be colonized by a foreign power.

Once home to the Dalia Lama and its own form of Buddhism, it is not always accessible due to political restrictions.

A major stop along the Silk Road, famed for its minarets, mosques, mausoleums, and madrases.

A slender nation filled with smiling people and battle scars, where everything seems to be a four hour bus ride away.

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Leap into the boundless and make it your home.
— Chuang-Tzu

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