Happy 100th Anniversary Nikon!

Today Nikon is celebrating its 100th anniversary. When I was looking for my first DSLR, I went with the Nikon D7000, which I adored. It was my first Nikon and traveled the world with me for five years, never complaining (even when I sometimes did).

When I decided to switch to full-frame, I started with the Nikon D600, which is now my studio camera. I had intended it to be my new travel camera, but found it too large and heavy for that. Instead, I picked up a Nikon Df, which has been accompanying me ever since. It’s smaller, lighter and I love its dial controls.

So far the Df has accompanied me to Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland, UK (Northern Ireland), Luxembourg, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Cuba, Canada (Alberta), Jamaica, China (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Wuzhen, Shanghai), El Salvador, Costa Rica, Sweden, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, and Slovenia.

So a very Happy Anniversary to Nikon! Your cameras and lenses have certainly made my life more fulfilling.

You can now purchase select prints of mine online:

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